domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

conversation in class

Lisandra: what your name?
Mario: my name is Mario Ospina. And you?
Lisandra: my name is Lisandra Ramirez. Where are you from?
Mario: I’m from San Francisco and you?
lisansra: I’m from Maracaibo. Do you speak English?
Mario: yes, a little
Lisandra: how old are you?
Mario: I’m seventeen years old
Lisandra: what do you do?
Mario: I’m student at URBE
Lisandra: what is your email address?
Mario: it’s
Lisandra: what do you do for fun?
Mario: I like watch movies and go to the pool and you?
Lisandra: I like out with my friends
Mario: mmm...! nice to meet you
Lisandra: nice to meet you too

welcome to my blogs

Welcome to my blogs in which I will post my English 3 activities.


My name is Lisandra, but my friends call me lisi. I'm from Venezuela. I have an eleven year old sister. I have eighteen years old, my birthday is on December 4. I study social communication in the U.R.B.E.

 I like hanging out with my friends, spend time with my family, dancing, listening to music, watching television, shopping and helping people, so enjoy my free time.

My goals are to graduate from a degree in social communication, travel the world, get married and have a beautiful family full of values ​​and principles.

The importate English for me is because it is a universal language, and my career is very important because the English opens many doors.

well this is a little bit about my,  visit my blogs.